How to exercise your butt, chin and arms

You may have noticed some of your upper back muscles, shoulders, elbows, knees and hips have started to look more muscular.

You may also notice your waist and hips start to feel more flexible.

It’s all part of a healthy lifestyle.

But the body is constantly changing and that’s why you’ll need to make adjustments.

If you’re tired, stressed or have a medical condition, you might need to change your diet.

And there are lots of exercises you can do that will help you build your body and your confidence.

These exercises will help strengthen the muscles around your hips, shoulders and thighs, and improve your posture.

The Chin Exercises Exercises that strengthen your chin and chin muscles.

Lie on your back and relax your neck, shoulders or elbows.

Hold a chin-up or chin-down position.

Keep your head still and keep your chin in line.

Exercise your chin by bending your neck.

Use your hands to pick up the weight of your chin.

Push your chin up.

Use your arms to pull the chin down.


If you’re a power lifter, use your elbows and knees to lift your chin higher. 

Pair up with the shoulder exercises.

Hold one side of your torso in front of the other and keep it locked.

Exercise your shoulder with your hands or a chair.

Examine your shoulder muscles to feel if they are strong or weak.

You may notice that your shoulder will get tighter.


For the upper back exercises, keep your shoulders relaxed and bend them.

Hold the chin up or in front and relax them.

Expose your upper body to the ceiling.

Exhale deeply.

Repeat this for the sides of the torso.

Pair these exercises up with a chin curl and other exercises to strengthen your upper chest.

Exercise your upper torso muscles and hold a chin up while sitting.

Hold on to your chin with your elbows.

Exaggerate the movement and repeat.

This will help increase your shoulder flexibility.


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