Why the Olympic lifts are so important for a healthy and strong body

The Olympics have become a huge part of our lives.

And yet, as well as being an essential part of the sport, the physical demands on our bodies have become ever more demanding, and increasingly exhausting.

And what are the best ways to ensure a strong and healthy body?

These exercises are designed to help you perform better on these crucial tasks.


Kettlebell exercises to improve the musculoskeletal system Exercise your legs.

Your hips and shoulders.

Your core.

You can do this by doing a number of kettlebell exercises, including pull-ups, kettlebell rows and kettlebell swings.

Your shoulders can also get a workout too.

These movements are designed for the upper body, and can be performed in groups, or with other athletes or coaches.

These can be done in any warm-up.

If you’re not feeling strong enough yet, then try doing the exercises above, or at least performing them at your own pace.

Do the exercises for 15-30 seconds, but do them at a slower pace, so you don’t have to go hard in them.

After that, you can switch to a slower-paced exercise for an hour or two, and then switch back to a more challenging one.

If this doesn’t work, then just repeat the exercises again.


Strength and flexibility exercises to enhance your core strength Exercise your lower back and chest.

You should work the muscles in your spine and lower back, and the muscles on the back of your neck, which control your posture.

If there are too many muscles to work, you should focus on strengthening the muscles around your neck and shoulders, especially the lower back.

This should include strengthening your glutes, hamstrings and calves.

Do this for 30-60 seconds, or until you feel more comfortable doing it.

For a good balance of strength and flexibility, then do exercises for 20-30 minutes each, until you’re comfortable.


Bicep exercises to strengthen your lower extremities Work out your calves, hamstring and glute muscles.

Try bending your knees or lying on your back, or just sitting on a chair and working the muscles from your legs through the back and back of the body.

These exercises can be easy to do, but can also be difficult.

Make sure you can do these exercises in an indoor environment.

Do them for 15 seconds each, then switch to another exercise.


Chest exercises to increase your core and abdominal strength Work out the muscles of your chest and shoulders by stretching and strengthening the chest muscles, then doing chest stretches and exercises.

These are designed specifically for the chest.

These muscles are very strong and flexible.

You don’t want to use them for strength, but rather to strengthen the muscles they control.

They’re a great way to strengthen these muscles, and help you breathe and relax, while also increasing your range of motion.

Do these exercises for 10-20 minutes, then stop.

You may find it difficult to do the exercises, but you should find that it makes a difference.


Abs exercises to build your lower body strength Work the muscles above your shoulders and neck, and strengthen the abs and hamstrings, especially your calves.

These will help to increase the range of movement in your upper body and lower body.

Do 3-5 exercises a day, for 15 minutes each.

This will help your lower abdominal muscles to increase in strength, and improve your posture and flexibility.


Squats to strengthen both the abs, hips and lower backs These exercises have been shown to increase strength in the abs as well.

You could also do squats on a regular basis, or use them as a warm-ups for the Olympic lifting.


Pigeon sit-ups to strengthen core muscles These sit-up exercises are great for strengthening the core muscles and helping to maintain a stable spine.

Do 20-50 repetitions for 20 seconds each.

Then switch to your next exercise.


Cable crunches to strengthen hip muscles Cable crunch-ups can be great for improving hip mobility and strength.

They can also help to balance your body weight and help improve balance and coordination.

Do 10-15 repetitions per set, and switch to the next exercise when you feel comfortable.


Cable pull-downs to strengthen shoulder muscles You can use cable pull-down as a routine exercise for your core.

Do a total of 30 repetitions, then start using these as a restorative exercise.

For an extra challenge, then use them to strengthen lower back muscles.


Leg extension exercises to help your calves strengthen Your calves are strong, but they can get weak.

This is a good opportunity to strengthen them, and develop a more stable spine by doing calf raises and calf pulls.

Do 30-50 reps for 20 second each.

Do your other leg extensions, and work up to 100 reps.

Do one set of 10-12, then work up again to 10-10, then 10-8.

Do four sets of 10 reps,


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