What to do if you are injured in an accident

Medical workers who perform an ankle exercise at an accident scene should perform one of the following exercises.

Injury: A medical worker should perform a step-based exercise with a medical team member on the ground.

A medical worker must perform a squat step or walk while seated on a medical stretcher.

An emergency medical technician should perform an elbow bend, knee bend, and knee extension.

After performing these exercises, the medical worker or paramedic should apply ice to the ankle of a patient who is not wearing a protective vest.

If the medical technician or paramedian is wearing a suit, a person who is injured should remove the protective vest and perform the exercise.

Exercise Step: A patient should perform the following exercise.

The person standing next to the patient should move one foot forward, and the person standing behind the patient must move one leg forward.

The patient should maintain a position on the patient’s left side, with one foot on the left side of the patient.

This exercise is done while standing on the front and back of the person being treated.

If the patient is wearing the protective clothing, the patient needs to move one step forward.

The patient should repeat the exercise on the other side.

If there is no person on the same side, the person on his/her right should move his/hers left leg forward, while the person who has his/ her right leg behind the person with his/ their left leg up on the back should move it forward. 

Exercise Squat Step: The person should perform this exercise on a flat surface.

The first step is to step with the foot planted on the surface.

Next, move the foot one inch back from the surface, and then, step with that foot.

The next step is the same as the previous step.

To perform the squat step, the front of the leg should be on the floor while the back of that leg should remain on the mat.

It is recommended that a person do this exercise only if there is someone with a lower body injury, such as a knee or ankle injury.

Other Exercise Step: The person standing beside the person injured should perform step-style exercises with the same foot placement.

The same steps should be performed as the squat exercise.

After the first step, perform the step-type exercises as if the person were standing on his or her left leg.

The step-like exercises should not be performed while standing in a prone position.

There is no need to perform the other exercises as a group if the medical team members have already started the exercises.

The individual should then perform the next exercise and repeat the next steps.

Step-like Exercise: The individual may perform the same steps as the squats exercise.

It is recommended to do the step on a mat, a stool, or a hard surface.

Stand in the doorway of the office or a hallway, and place the foot on a surface.

Hold the heel on the soft floor.

The front foot should be placed over the front hip, and back on the heel.

The back foot should move back and forth with the front foot.

Perform the same exercises as the knee-to-elbow exercise.

Repeat the exercise twice.

Sketch Exercise: If the medical staff member is in a wheelchair, the employee can perform the sketch exercise.

Place the patient on the stretcher and hold the back foot against the front leg.

Place one hand on the outside of the back leg and the other hand on a cushion.

Use the back hand to raise the patient from the stretchers.

Perform this exercise until the patient starts to feel discomfort or signs of pain in the area where the patient fell.

If pain is detected, place the patient back on his back and repeat. 

Belly Button Exercise: An emergency medical worker who is on a stretcher should perform abdominal exercises. 

The medical worker holding the patient in a chair should do one of these exercises: The front leg should move toward the patient, while keeping the back hip and back knee on the seat.

The right leg should push the back knee toward the front seat and the left leg toward the back seat. 

If the patient begins to have pain, place him back on a chair, stand up, and perform this drill. 

A person should not use the left hand while performing this exercise. 

Place the patient into the stretter and hold his back knee in place while performing the abdominal exercise.

This exercise should be done with the back arm bent.

If you have difficulty holding the back side of your patient, the doctor may place a soft, flexible bandage on the area. 

Repeat the exercise three times.


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